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We can also get you a loan that is not conected to your refund.
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I have unfiled taxes from previous years but no longer have my records from those years. Can you help me?
Frank's tax service can prepare your past unfiled tax returns by requesting your IRS wage transcripts and completing a tax questionnaire
No matter how hard you try, sometimes you just can't file your tax return on time. Find out how to get an extension of time to file your tax return.
We prepare federal, state and local returns, specializing in multiple state filing requirements.  We also prepare returns for clients abroad so that they can meet their federal filing requirement.  At Franks Tax Service, we pride ourselves on doing the very best job for each client’s case.  We take the time to analyze each client’s situation to determine the most advantageous way to file.  If you are looking for a tax pro who will review your unique circumstance and formulate the best plan of action, you have found it in Franks Tax Service.
Given the growth of Turbo Tax and other tax programs, and the ability for clients to prepare their own returns, it is now more important than ever to understand the complex tax laws.  We have found out that “easy” returns are not standard practice nowadays.  When we review client prepared tax returns, many times we discover errors or missed deductions.  Sometimes we are able to amend those returns and get back money for our clients.  Other times the statute of limitations has run out and the refund is permanently lost.  The best way to avoid headache and loss of refund is to have an experienced tax professional do it right the first time.
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